Friday, 7 June 2013

We've all changed:

     Maybe you haven't noticed it or maybe that's the simple problem... change. Do you remember playing with the boys in fourth grade thinking you were all friends? Do you remember playing pranks on people with someone who was once your best friend forever. Most of all do you remember when you would pick someone in kindergarten to be your partner? No matter how tall or short or skinny or fat or rich or poor they were. Those were flashbacks of what you once were. Maybe it's vise versa depending on who's reading this but, you know you've changed because of those little memories.
   Sometimes people change because of how fed up they were with their past, some people change because of their surroundings but nobody should ever be forced to change. Not everyone is gonna like who you are or how you're dressed but, it's better than being liked for being fake or being liked because you're an attention seeker. At one point or another we've all experienced being lonely or feeling unwanted. It's as natural as going to the bathroom but something that nobody ever notices is how you've changed. What inspired you to change? Why? What makes you different, makes you beautiful. Just remember that. 

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