Saturday, 14 September 2013


     So how's it been? School's back or maybe for some people it's college/ Uni. Either way, the busiest part of every year is back. How do you feel about it? Okay I know it's not like you care about sharing your feelings at the moment but, it was a rhetorical question so you can think not comment. My first two weeks have gone pretty well, I probably only learned like 4 of the schools wings but, it's okay ... hopefully things will improve. I got an A+ on the first test of the year and let me say: Damn I feel good. 

   Here's the first tip when it comes to homework, never ever procrastinate till the last minute. Procrastinate to the last hour . Okay no, no, no. I'm kidding. Sometimes Procrastination is for the better. I for one think procrastination is such a beautiful being but, why do people do it so often? Here's the answer: Hard work. Nobody wants to do it so instead they have fun and do it last the reason of procrastination is because lots of people do things better under pressure. Then again some people are just plain  lazy like me :) 


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