Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day:

     Happy Valentines day! You guys are amazing and I hope all of you are alright.
   Okay, now let's get real, today you're probably; at school, with your significant other OR spending the day at home eating half price chocolates while surfing Netflix. Quite frankly, the last one seems to make the most sense to me I mean, really ... half price chocolates only happen once a year and relationships are cliche *sarcasm* This is my logic.
     For those who have a person in mind, why not take a chance and risk it all today, how bad can it possibly go? Since it is Valentines day right. Besides, if you do get rejected, make up an excuse and say "I got dared." maybe the oldest trick in the book but, as long as you have confidence everything will go fine. I promise you**


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