Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Your 15 minutes of fame:*

     Walking in to school on a Monday expecting it to be terrible because you were forced to wake up early this morning. The weather is beautiful outside and the sun is shining bright. Why aren't I? I think to myself. Indeed it's Monday but at the same time, today is gonna be totally awesome because I see my friends again. It's gym day... well maybe? I was up late over thinking about unnecessary things last night so I feel like a zombie. 
   Here goes nothing. When I walk into the room nobody's there. Honesty?- Just. Really? Soon enough I hear my name being called. Oh. It's just the french teacher. I mean, yeah I love french but, I thought this was someone more exciting. Not that I was expecting it at all anyway. " Go take your stuff off and come out in your white uniform shirt." She says with the slightest french accent. Wasn't she Italian? " Oui Madame." Don't mind me. It's still french class you know so might as well enjoy it before I can't understand it next year. I go back to the class and take off my stuff kind of feeling all cool because I was alone. I took advantage of this and started to pray that today would be nice and pleasant as always.
   The reason I was praying was because I desperately needed to print out my short story. But NO... instead my printer had to go all diva on me and say '[ No ink]' causing me to miss the school bus. 'Lates' are unacceptable but not having my homework done over the weekend was just preposterous. I worked really hard on that assignment too. I woke up with my hair frizzy this morning so I knew from the start: "Today's gonna suck so bad."
   Eventually I came out in my white collared uniform. Ugh. It's so cold outside but, like my grade 4 teacher once said " When it's cold and you aren't dressed properly... all there is to do is embrace it." I will always remember those words. I took my hands away from my elbows in a reaction of being cold and then went all 'footloose' -because my converse were untied. I tucked them into my shoe because I felt too awkward to bend down and tie it for like, 1 whole minute not even. Whatever. 
   As I joined everyone outside for the largest picture the school is ever gonna have my teacher told me where to stand. I was standing next to some awesome people so it was great - that is, until we took the picture... Some people were blocked by others, some didn't know we took the picture already, some looked totally lost, some were even talking to people half way across the yard. Overall I bet it turned out to be an outstanding picture. When we finished with the very distinguished photo shoot some kid called my name repeatedly. What now? He was lost among the crowd and I struggled to see him.
   " Hey Lynn, I saw you walking on my street this morning!" He sounded over excited to talk to me so I just smiled and nodded my head. " That darn printer had to put up a fight with my homework." A loud laugh left his mouth and I walked away from the conversation thinking wow. Today isn't as bad as it seemed...
   I rushed to my class but got stuck in traffic so ended up having to be last. Oh well. I spotted my teacher, co-op teacher and some students in the class. The rest of them were at band practice. I stepped inside feeling a cold draft behind me. Hey look! I'm not the last student in the class. turns out I was 5th to last apparently.  A friend of mine came up to ask what was up and I just replied. " The sky." We laughed a bit until I started to brag about my short story assignment. "I spent a lot of time to perfection this story so... " I sat at my desk. " Hopefully she likes it." I finished. " Holy! It's 7 pages long!?" She asked with a gasp. I nodded laughing at her surprised face. I'm Lynn, what did you expect a 2 page essay. No. It's called a short story so it's long enough to enjoy and short enough to fit in a folder with the 27 others.
   My friend skimmed my story and from then I stapled it and handed it to the co-op teacher. She was happy I handed it in and had a warm smile on her face. I came back to sit next to my friend. It was silent. " Your English is so proper." a look of joy and disgust faded on her face.I didn't bother to ask if it was good or bad but you know that feeling of being rejected?  Yeah, knowing my friend that's probably what she was gonna make me feel. *laughs* 
   The P.A system went off. "Welcome staff and students, please rise for our national anthem and morning prayer." The remaining students of the class stood up and sang as respectful Canadians shall. After a couple of minutes when everything was silent I was called to the music room and just like that I left in a flash. As I walked in some students were practicing band parts that I thought sounded really good. The music teacher was present at her desk asking me if I wanted to join the band that was performing today. I really wanted to but I couldn't due to the soar throat I had just the week before. She nodded her head showing a look of sorrow. " Okay dear." she continued to her work. 
   I walked to the door and placed my hand on the door knob about to leave when-
"  Lynn!" a student called my name. " I really like your blog." She said. I thanked her and a couple of other students joined in our conversation. " Yeah, it's really cool.", " And I love your excellent writing skills.", " I wish I could write like you."
   I was flattered. There was simply nothing that could ruin my mood. Just those 6 phrases were playing along in my head. Who would've known that I would've gotten noticed. It made me feel spontaneous and it made me feel like a junior author but, I kept that confidential. 


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