Wednesday, 15 May 2013


     Imagine if there wasn't any suicides. Think about it. Really. Let it sink in your head and let it stay there for a while. Just imagine if bullying was nonexistent. Imagine a world where people are always happy and there was no such thing as depression, no such thing as being left out or feeling alone. Every single person on this planet understands what it's like to want to fit in but really, the truth is that those people just don't want to get noticed by judges. We aren't in a reality show so why must people judge others? Everyone has flaws and just because you can't see them doesn't mean they don't have any. Don't define yourself by others opinions. 
   Don't be hard on yourself. Don't you ever be hard on yourself because their are always people out there who have it worse than you and when you pressure yourself to be perfect you're just being something you're not ... Please don't do that to yourself. Everyone is their own kind of perfect whether your chubby or too thin or too pale or too dark. Whether you have braces or not, whether you have glasses or not. Why would you wanna change a single thing about who you are? Looking like someone else is a copy but, an original is worth more than a copy will ever be because, originals are limited edition.

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