Monday, 26 June 2017


I have no intentions to blog everyday but, I'll try my best to do so at least 2-3 times a week. Things have been busy around here for me but, this stress has suddenly given me a newfound motivation if that makes any sense at all? Have any of you ever experienced some sort of inner-self awakening? I thought I had one a couple of years back but, that was really nothing compared to what I'm feeling right now- pretty cool. Have y'all ever felt trapped in any way? Like the walls are closing in on you? Take a trip to town. You don't have to buy anything or do much but, just get out of your head and appreciate the scenery of the buildings or maybe even the landscape. Don't think about what's bothering you- just look around and think of the small good things in life, any favourite scents, foods or hobbies? Use those little things to your advantage. I promise you'll feel better.
Perhaps if that doesn't work for you, then try focusing on the bigger picture- maybe what you're going through is small in comparison to what the future may hold and what else is happening around you.

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