Wednesday, 3 April 2013

 Advice 101: The Crush Code*

    So I have a friend (Who'd like to stay anonymous). She wants to know how to talk to her crush without him freaking out. The problem is that he already knows that she's head over heels for him ... Yeah, I know right! Totally sucks. I was the first person she asked for advice. It made me feel really special so I told her I'd post my answer here...
   When your crush knows that you like him and you guys don't talk at all... I guess it sucks right? Well, no worries because you've got me to help you out :) 

The steps to becoming un- Crushed*

   1. Don't freak out when your crush finds out that you like him/her. NEVER deny anything just tell the truth before they make rumors about you. ("They" would be the popular group in your school).

   2. Always wait a long period of time ( A couple of days maybe even weeks) when everyone forgets that old secret of you liking him/her. Just make sure that it's out of the gossip area and the coast is clear.

3. Hardest step. Start to make small chats with your crush NO flirting just convenient stuff like "Hey", " How do you...(do something, say a word in french or whatever,) " What's your favourite... etc." Creating small talk can get you closer to your crush so easily that there's no need to become nervous.

4. Try asking someone for your crushs' cell phone number so you can play a game of 'date or pass' or any other easy game where you get to know some personal information. This step becomes the easiest as long as you do number 3. If you don't have a cell phone then you should just talk about it face to face when you guys are alone or with friends.

5. When you guys finally get to be friends and you've gone through steps 3 and 4 especially, start telling your crush some cool things about yourself and include just how talented you are because everyone is talented in something. Just don't sound too self absorbed. 

Success is now yours! ;;) 

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