Friday, 9 February 2018

Michi + Shiro

Hello again, and it's Friday which means story time. I hope you've all been great! xo.

Shiro Takenake. That boy. What a strange boy? One that I admired. This is the last thing I thought would ever happen, to care for another person besides myself. That's all I've been taught my whole life, it's only me, myself and I in this life- that's all that will stay. Two weeks have passed and suddenly my chest pains at the thought of this boy. It's the sort of pain that feels so good you want more. This is pain to me but I believe that this is only the burning desire I have for him. I want to be with him for a long time- he makes me a better me.
"Mom?" I walked around the apartment looking for her. She was in the dining room sitting on the floor, there was a dusty powder on the tip of her nose. She was drinking a can of soda.
"You look nice." She said with a raspy voice, she sounded sore. That was the first compliment she's told me in a long time.
"I am going out, with a boy." I smiled. "I'll be back." I twirled around in my yellow sundress for her to see. She cracked a smile and waved a short goodbye.
That was right, today Takenake and I made plans to spend time together, just us two. I promised him that I would show him around the city and introduce him to my favourite places.
On the way down the stairs from my apartment building side door, a girl was just making her way up the stairs. She looked a bit ragged and beaten up.
"Please hold the door open." She said quietly rushing up the stairs, she looked about my age with running mascara and tear-filled eyes. I did as she said without a word and watched her enter the building "Thank you." She coughed.
I stepped down the stairs and went about my way but just as I had gotten to the sidewalk I seen an older man walking my way with his pants unbuckled. I noticed him looking in every alley before me. I continued walking toward him and went into the nearest alley, sure enough he followed and stalked towards me about to pull down his pants. I smiled, how pathetic.
Just as he came in front of me, I kicked him between the legs and slung my purse strap around his neck. He was crouched over which made it easier for me to tighten my grip. He started choking and coughing for air. I thought of letting go but then he started gripping my leg. I kneed him hard in the face and slammed his body into the ground. Then took his wallet and left his body there. He was nearly dead.
I quickly ran out of the alley, took the money from his wallet and went back into my building, the girl was sitting there at the side of the lobby. I wondered what she was there for. I walked up to her and crouched down, she looked up at me. I handed her the mans wallet, when she opened it and only took out the I.D I knew that he had hurt her and she was going to report it.
"Thank you." She stood up, wiping tears from her eyes. I looked at her and nodded.
"There are cruel people in this life." I said. I stood up and stepped back but crashed into someone behind me. I turned around to see a man that probably came to see the girl, I stepped out of his way and watched as they hugged for a long time, she cried into his shoulder.
It was time for me to meet Takenake, I told him I'd be at the park by 2pm and I was already five minutes late. As I reached the grassy area, I heard him call me.
"Hey Tsunade! Over here!" His voice echoed from in front of the water fountain. I walked over to him.
"Greetings!" I smiled at him, "Sorry I'm late, I was just taking care of something."
"No worries, I got here a minute or so ago myself." He itched the back of his head nervously with a smile.
"Where do you want to head to first?" I asked. "Oh, I have an idea!" I piped and quickly grabbed his hand.
"Where are we headed Tsunade!?" He asked. Without a say I dragged him to the ice cream shop across the street.
"Ice cream shop." I said, "This one is the best one around, they sell any flavour you can think of!" 
"What about Strawberry?" He asked.
"That one is my favourite too." I smiled.
We purchased our cones and stepped out to venture the city. I showed him all of the best places around like the best restaurants, parks, and places to bring friends. It was a day that was well spent together, the four hours felt so short.
"When are you gonna uncover my eyes Tsunade?" He asked.
"Just until we get to my favourite place here." I said. It was hard to cover his eyes with our bit of a height difference but I made it work. "And were here!" I uncovered his eyes to reveal the cherry blossom park.
It was a small park that rarely ever had visitors, there was a small stream with a bridge over it and a gazebo along with a couple of cherry blossom trees.
"It's pretty nice here." Takenake looked around in awe.
"Yes, this is my favourite place to be." I smiled.
I took a seat on a nearby bench, and watched him stare at the park. It looked like he was enjoying the scenery more than I was. Then he took a seat next to me on the bench.
"Tsunade." He said quietly, I looked at him.
"Well I've thought about it and I think that maybe we should refer to each other by our first names now ..." He looked at me.
"You think so? I refer to you by your last name as a form of respect." I said, tilting my head.
"Well yeah, I know- I just thought that because we've been around each other a lot lately that we could change it up." He smiled.
"So then I call you Shiro from now on?" I asked. "Shiro" I said under my breath.
"For sure, and if you don't mind, then I can call you Michi." He said, watching some of the petals fall from the cherry blossom tree above.
When he said my name, it sounded better than when anyone else said it. He made everything sound so much nicer than usual.
Suddenly I laughed and he looked over at me like I was crazy.
"What are you so happy about?" He laughed. I shook my head and gazed at him. The sun reflected off of his silky hair and his eyes seemed to sparkle. He was lovely.
"I'm very fond of you Shiro." I smiled and swung my feet off the bench. He looked at me and blushed a bit.
"What makes you so fond of me?" He asked.
"I'm not so sure myself, but I know that you're fond of me too." I smiled and blushed. Then I watched him turn a bright red and I began to laugh some more.
It fell quiet and we sat there admiring the cherry blossom trees some more.

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