Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Writing or Venting?

Happy Wednesday everyone, hopefully the snow has brightened everyone's spirits! This is typical Canadian weather, woot! Anyways, today's blog topic is something I swear by. 
Emotional ups and downs caused by seasonal conditions are the worst, it just makes me want to curl up in bed and stay there for days at a time. I don't mind the snow but the cold is inevitable if that makes any sense to you? If you are in any way like me then you have a lot of things you want to talk about but don't have much socializing time due to what ever reason. That's why I swear by keeping a journal. Whether it be for venting, doodling or useless writing I've gone through endless journals, endless pages filled back and front from cover to cover. Keeping a journal or diary (what ever you may want to call it) is so healthy, it's like taking all of the build up from your brain and throwing it out- on pages. Even if you're a busy person writing down little bits of your day and things that have crossed your mind are always great things to to. It keeps your brain active, allows you to explore your thoughts, improves your writing and helps you keep a log on decisions you've made in your past. It's pretty fun to go back and read old entries too, you get to see the progress that has been and can focus on how you want to better yourself.
My point is to invest in an empty book where you can empty your thoughts, it's completely worth it I can promise you that! I mean you could just talk about anything with whomever you wish but a journal gives you a better way of arranging things. Looks like I'll see you all back here on Friday then :) Remember, my social media, comments section and direct messages are always open for those who need! xo.

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