Friday, 2 February 2018

Michi Tsunade

As promised, here is chapter two of my story; Happy Friday everyone! :) xo
I am the product of a morphine-addict and a schizophrenic; or so I'm told. Michi Tsunade, your average high schooler just entering her third year. School has never been a problem for me, nothing has ever been a problem for me, except people. Sometimes people can be cruel with no reason and that's what I don't like about this life; you are born and forced to live with these cruel people without a choice. Why must it be like that?
Everyday is the same. I live in an almost-empty apartment around the corner from school which just happens to be the darkest place in the city. I put on my uniform and tie half of my waist-length hair up with a ribbon.
"Bye mom, I'm going to school." I crack open her bedroom door enough to see her lounging on her futon sleeping. She opens an eye and groans.
"Where's my syringe?" She manages to say half asleep.
"I haven't seen it." I shrugged, closing her bedroom door and making my way to the front door.
As I unlock the front door, it hits something on the ground. Just my luck that I happen to find what my mother is looking for. It's full with the good stuff she loves. Reluctantly, I pick it up and put it in my bag. It's time that she stops, I don't know how many of these things I'll have to steal and break before she notices that it's me and not the visitors she brings in the house.
I go down the stairs and already pass people watching me. It's a short walk to school but like I said, this is the darkest place in the city. Footsteps begin to trace mine but I don't look back yet. I turn a corner into an alley to see if the footsteps will follow, sure enough they do.
"Hey princess." He says, coming closer behind me. Before he can do anything, I don't hesitate to take my mothers syringe out of my bag and jab it in his neck.
I inject it all into him and watch his body collapse into a seizure. He must have had some other drug in his system to react like that. I pluck the needle out of his neck, drop it and crush it under my foot- wouldn't want my mother to be in trouble. Once his body stops shaking I pick his pockets, open his wallet and take what cash he has left, then kick the man into the darkness of the alley and leave. It was only self defense, he probably would have hurt me if I didn't do that and I am untouchable.
Soon I reach school. The tan coloured building is the only thing going for me right now. When I enter, I'm greeted by my few friends Rei, Karin and Takata.
"Hi Michi!" They say all together in sync like always.
"Greetings friends." I smile.
"Why do you always talk like that? We are friends, you can loosen up a bit you know." Rei bumped into my arm playfully.
"I know we are friends, there isn't a problem with me speaking like this though." I looked at her and smiled.
"And you're always smiling, calm down will you." Takata laughed.
"Well she's just proper, leave her." Said Karin, linking arms with me. We share the same first class together.
The bell rang for class and we split up. Math was my favourite class which was why I was never late for school, Karin and I are in all advanced classes so we practically share textbooks for all of school, she's nearly as intelligent as I am.
"Good morning class, I'd like to introduce our newest student Shiro Takenake to the academy. He's an outstanding mathematician one of the smartest minors in the city. I'd like you all to welcome him." Mrs. Shen explained and gestured for the student to take the empty seat next to me.
After a short math lesson I felt someone staring at me heavily. I thought it was Karin but, when I looked behind me, she was asleep on top of her textbook. She was probably up studying late last night. Then I looked to my left and sure enough the new student was looking my way, he quickly reverted his eyes, but I continued to gaze at him. He was in the middle of completing a series of complex math equations, it was in a workbook I'd never seen before.
"It's from Mrs. Shen." He suddenly said quietly. "She wants me to train as much as possible for something I'm getting into next week." He looked at me and smiled weakly.
"Oh." I nodded looking at the simple work on my desk compared to his.
It went quiet between us, he probably had no idea who I was to make me feel any lower than him but then again, maybe he was like Karin- a little senseless.
"I hate this." He randomly murmured clenching a handful of his hair.
"What's wrong?" I asked, concerned.
"I hate math." He smiled sarcastically at the work on his desk and closed the workbook with his eyes closed. "My parents want to make something of me by making me perform like a math genius but, I'm tired of seeing numbers every corner I turn, you know what I mean?" He asked and looked over at me.
"No." I said flatly, "I enjoy problem solving." He suddenly looked at me strangely and shifted his body to face me.
"You must be Tsunade." He said. "Mrs. Shen said that you were my only competition in this school. I'm Sh-"
"I know who you are, Takenake." I cut him off and smiled, he sighed and chuckled. "I suppose I am your only competition but, I don't do the things that you do, I just have good grades."
"Shiro Takenake." He stuck out his hand.
"Michi Tsunade." I smiled and shook his hand firmly. Our eyes seemed to lock for a minute and in that moment it felt like I could see something with this boy.
The bell rang for second class, I decided to wake up Karin and we made our way to psychology together. Although I didn't particularly like this class the topics were seemingly interesting and different everyday. I took my seat, Karin took hers and suddenly, Takenake took a seat in front of me.
"It looks like you and I can share schedules." He said quietly.
I smiled to myself and reached in my bag to grab my schedule then I tapped him on the shoulder. He already knew I was handing it to him so he took it and opened it up then handed me his.
"Well then ... it really does look like we can share schedules." I laughed to myself a bit only to see all matching classes between him and I.
"What a coincidence." He folded my schedule and handed it back to me.
"Hm, Takenake, what's this? It looks like you have two extra classes? One before school even starts and another during lunch time." I said curiously.
"Oh, no those are training classes." He chuckled and took his schedule back.
"Looks like your hands are all full hm." I said quietly. I couldn't believe the amount of time he takes for this math he doesn't even like.
"These classes aren't even the least of it if that's what you're thinking hm ... I have night school and classes over the weekends too. I train more than I sleep." He smiled.
I didn't understand, how he could smile about something he truly hated. Then again, maybe he was just kidding or wanted to make his parents proud. If it was for his parents, I still wouldn't understand seeing as how dysfunctional mine are.
Eventually lunch time rolled around, Rei, Karin, Takata and myself always ate lunch together but because Takenake followed me out of our third class I decided that I'd eat with him instead.
"Say, don't you have a class right about now?" I tapped a finger over my lips in thought.
"Well, I suppose but I warned Mrs. Shen that I probably wouldn't be able to make it today- I mean, I want to enjoy my first day here right?" He chuckled, "Math definitely doesn't play a part in that ..."
"Hey, I don't appreciate you trashing my favourite class while you're with me you know!" I smiled, "Have some respect for me at least." I fake sighed as a joke.
"You're one funny girl." He pat my head with his hand gently.
No ones ever spoken to me as comfortably as he has before, it almost felt like I knew him or something. He's so strange but, I like it. Then I noticed we were on our way into the cafeteria.
"No." I suddenly stopped and tugged his uniform sleeve.
"Hm?" He readjusted his bag strap on his shoulder and looked at me.
"I usually don't eat in the cafeteria, the courtyard is more pleasant ... I think it's nicer looking too." I smiled, "Oh, well, unless you want to eat in there?"
"No. That's okay, where were you talking about?" He faced me.
We walked the opposite way and started making our way outside to the courtyard. It was so much more peaceful out there and it barely rained so the weather was always nice. We took a seat in the shade of a tree and I began to take out my lunch.
"Takenake, why did you choose to come to this school?" I asked, taking a bite from my sandwich. He took out a sandwich similar to mine and a drink.
"It was recommended for me because this academy specializes in math programs." He shrugged taking a bite from his sandwich. "This place opens up a door to my future."
"Perhaps." I nodded.
"Tsunade." He said under his breath. I looked over at him.
"Yes?" I questioned.
"You're the first person to befriend me here." He said in all seriousness, "I'm not sure how long this will last though, I'm always moving..." He took a bite of his sandwich.
"W-what?" I asked, confused. "Is it because of your parents?" He nodded as a response.
"But hell, I'll stay for you!" He looked over at me and smiled. "I can tell we will make a great team, you and I!" He caressed the top of my head.
I wasn't sure why but, I thought the same way. For some odd reason, I knew that Takenake and I would be something great together.

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