Friday, 26 January 2018

Michi Tsunade + Shiro Takenake

He stood there looking at me in fright, what could I say? There was nothing to do, he caught me red handed and there was nothing I could tell him to convince him that this wasn't what he thought this was.
Oh God, what now?
The only one I cared about most stares at me with disgust.
" Michi ..." He says, looking down at me, his eyes are glistening, he is so lovely. "What the hell is going on here?"
" Don't sound so scared Shiro, it's fine, everything is fine." I shook my head. "Everything is fine."
Blood streamed from my bangs onto my face and dripped on the floor. The room was so quiet, I couldn't stand it. Dropping my knife on the ground I ran to hug Shiro but he pushed me away.
" Don't touch me!" He yelled. "Go away, please ..." Shiro turned away and shuddered, hugging his arms.
" Come on Shiro it was an accident," I smiled "it's not like I meant to do that, besides, this won't be for long anyways, now please let me hug you." I reached out to him and stood there helplessly as he made no effort to even look my way.
" I don't want to play anymore Michi ..." I could see the tears beginning to form in his eyes. "This isn't right." He wiped his face with his sleeve.
" It won't last for much longer ... please, just-"
" I said no." He cut me off coldly. "This isn't for me, I did not sign up for this." Shiro looked at me with sorrow in his eyes. "Let's end it."
" What? No." I cried. "You know what that means when we end it ... please, play just a bit longer Shiro we can do this together. Why don't you believe in me. I know we can do it together if you would just let me help you a bit longer ..." I walked closer to him and stared him in the eye. "You know the consequences."
" Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Shiro pushed me back and I fell into a pool of blood that wasn't my own. He cringed at the sound of the puddle splashing. "What have you done?" He suddenly sunk to his knees and sobbed.
" I promise when this is over we can have a better life." I pushed myself up to comfort him by rubbing my hand on his back. "We will be happy together."
No response.
Shiro took his face out of his palms to reveal blood smeared on his hands.
" What's wrong?" I asked, looking at his hands. He stayed quiet until I peered at his expressionless face and realized that he was trying to peel off his skin. It seemed as though my love was going mad.
He suddenly lunged for the knife on the floor amidst the pool of blood and I managed to pull him away. He continued to reach for it as I began kicking him to stay away. We wrestled on the bloody floor slipping and sliding all over the place until we were covered in red head to toe. I kicked the knife to my end of the room as we both stood up looking at each other angrily.
" Don't do this ..." I said. "Please!" I was out of breath. This was making me tired and blood was beginning to emit from my injuries. My thigh was aching from the stitches that were bursting open. I cried out in pain and clasped my leg with my hand quickly.
We both ran over to the knife but, I managed to get there first and slid my body across the floor to cover it. There was no way of him reaching it unless I rolled over. By this time, the stitches in my leg were completely busted open and I started to cry out in pain. Shiro let out a frustrated yell when he couldn't get a hold of the knife.
"Why are you doing this!?" He yelled out to me, standing on his feet shakily.
"I don't want a life without you Shiro." I said quietly coughing up blood. I could feel myself succumbing to my injuries. The stitches in my leg were completely open and there was an underlying pain coming from my gut.
"It doesn't have to end like this ... we are in this together aren't we?" A beat of his sweat dropped on my arm. "Aren't we!?" He sounded crazy for the first time and kicked my side violently.
"Yes." I responded, trying my best to stand up. It was so hard to even push myself up.
Finally, I got to my feet, my leg was streaming blood and I could feel my body trembling but I still held up straight. I wiped my face with my arm and stared at Shiro, he sighed and closed his eyes. Was it over? I wondered. He stretched out his arms and I smiled through the pain to give him a hug. He squeezed me tightly in his warm embrace then suddenly, a sharp pain in my stomach. Shiro grunted, he felt it too.
"A double edged knife." I said with my last breath. I felt the moisture of his tears soaking the side of my face.

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