Friday, 26 January 2018

Story Time!

Well, it's been a week and surprisingly, results have come in. Like I said,I really am planning on staying consistent with my blog posts this year so we're gonna see how long this goes! I'm kidding, hopefully this goes for as long as possible at least till I'm ready to officially log off. It seems that I will be going forward with releasing my story on here, I'm excited for you all to view it, I'll be updating it once a week. Perhaps normal update posts on Wednesdays and story updates on Fridays. I'll also put my story up in a different text so you'll all be able to differentiate-not that anything in this story would EVER be real for me lol. 
The story doesn't actually have a title yet, I'm very picky with it but, feel free to leave suggestions or comments or any sort of feedback in the comments or in my direct messages, I'm always up for some critique! In case any of you were wondering I'm also on Wattpad which is where I'll eventually post the whole story after I name it. 
The first chapter will be posted after this one, there's no particular setting for it but the characters are of Japanese descent (I've been writing like they live in Japan but obviously I've never been so things might sound a bit on and off).
Anyways, feel free to reach me in the comments or through social media! xo.

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