Friday, 19 January 2018

Major Question;

Hello everyone! Welcome back! Hopefully the new year has brought new happiness and success to you all, it's been one hell of a ride in 2017 and honestly this year isn't looking too good from what's shown up so far in the media ... it could be worse I suppose. The chilly weather here in Toronto is also not too good, though Mother Nature is working her (slow but sure) magic. It's been a few months, talk about a bad blogger host, I apologize for being distant- things have been pretty up and down these past few months but I'm making this place a top priority for you loyal viewers! ;) 
Now I've got a serious question on the table here and I've gathered information from many other of my "fans"- I guess you could say- my inboxes on social media have been pretty busy so I want to ask: If I were to post a story (or multiple) on here, would that be of any interest to anyone? I just don't want to waste my blog space if you aren't interested or let anyone down if they're expecting my constant updates haha! I've been writing this particular story for a couple of months now and it's something modern, new, kind of creepy and a bit of romance. I've always been a big writer but, this story is probably one of my best and one I've been most serious about. 
In the particular one I'd like to upload, it has much to do with fictional police corruption and family drama- next level- family drama actually! It's quite interesting to many people I've given a taste to, that's why I'm curious if I should share lol! Certainly let me know on any of my social media (instagram: @hithereimlynn // Twitter: @Hithereimlynn) or simply in the comments and my inbox! Also, to those who are curious, don't worry- there will be normal updates along with any potential writing I may have here, thanks for reading! xo

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